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Triggering Events.

Identifying the activities or events that precede a buying opportunity can put you in front of the buyer at the beginning of their buy cycle. Events such as a new venture capital round, company acquisition, senior buy arabic twitter followers executive hire, product launch or geographical expansion may imply subsequent investments which a savvy social sales professional can be first to position himself early with the buyer. Sales intelligence tools like InsideView, Lattice Engines, OneSource and Zoominfo are particularly helpful in creating watch lists to identify these triggering events, and once identified, social sales pros can find the prospect decision makers or influencers, see if they have Twitter accounts, and send them a congratulatory tweet or link to useful content to begin the conversation.LinkedIn offers one of the more utilized tools, Sales Navigator, to seek out prospects and create target lists using largely demographic search criterion. Using your networks personal connections on LinkedIn can then turn a cold outreach into a warm transfer, and according to LinkedIn, a warm referral increases the odds of getting the initial conversation by Similar tools from vendors such as Clintelica and Reachable create enterprise business graphs which include additional social networks.

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Build the contest

Sweepstakes are a random drawing, but for contests, there are many ways to choose a winner. (You will have to decide how you will choose a winner when you write the official rules mentioned in Step #1, and your buy targeted twitter followers choice will affect your staffing requirements mentioned in Step.Public voting is an especially popular choice.And, for good reason. You can outsource some, if not all, of the judging (although you should still have a team vet all entries for appropriateness) and use social networks to help drive attention to your contest.However, public voting does not come without an important caveat.“One of the lessons we have learned is that the ‘wisdom of crowds’ isn’t always so smart,” Sandra said. “For example, a sexy photo may garner a lot of votes for an entrant – but if the contest is to win a job at your company, you may wonder if the person should win for being most qualified or for having the most inappropriate photo.”

Have a destination and draw users back

Without some sort of destination to draw users back to and funnel subscribers, you’ll never achieve successful web community building that is protected from the rise and fall of social networks. If the history of the web has buy twitter followers taught us anything, it is that networks can and will fall in and out of favor. Friendster or Orkut anyone? The greatest value exists in building your own community external of networks whose future can be unpredictable. Use them, but realize spending all of your time there is at the opportunity cost of contributing to your own destination where you stand to benefit most. In other words, consider the cost of focusing entirely on social sites such as Twitter or Facebook vs participating in those networks and sending traffic to social content on your own site such as a blog, forum or community.